Don’t Eat The Peanut Butter


We have two new rules at our apartment, both of which might be difficult for me to follow…

Rule number one: don’t eat off the floor! We’ve been having roach problems lately, and all of us are very disgusted by roaches. We are so disgusted that we don’t want to get shoe distance away from these nasty creatures- Raid is the way for us! But since we don’t mop after we Raid, we don’t eat off the floor for fear of poisoning ourselves. Autumn had to remind me of this the other day as I was eating popcorn. Popcorn is a very droppable food item.

Rule number two: don’t eat the peanut butter looking stuff around the house! We’ve been having roach problems lately, and we are sick of carrying Raid bottles around wherever we go. So Autumn bought some hard core roach killer. It’s basically this peanut butter looking goop that is super tasty to roaches but is also quite poisonous for them. We put it out tonight, and supposedly when we wake up tomorrow there will be roach corpses everywhere. Guess which lucky girl is waking up first tomorrow? That’s right. It’s me.  And I won’t be eating the peanut butter stuff, especially off the floor. I also probably won’t clean up the roaches.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Eat The Peanut Butter

  1. Had enough experience with roaches their big brothers the water bugs. Ewww. I hope I never hae to see another one. Good luck with your “peanut butter.”


    • Thanks so much! I hope neither of us do.. When I stepped out this morning (wearing slippers as protection), I did not see any dead roaches! Crossing my fingers there will be some when I get back from work!


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