Journal Entry: Day One In Idaho


The entry from day one in Idaho, the only day I wrote, July 1:

There are mountains here, mountains that are big and have no trees and are everywhere. Locals would probably call them hills. The air is warm, dry, and smells like a mixture of mint and manure. I don’t think I have the ability to sweat here, very different than South Carolina.

I like Idaho.

Would I want to live here? No… I can’t imagine how cold it must get in the winter, and it’s so far away from my family and friends. Do I love visiting here? Absolutely. V’s family is so kind and hospitable. They fed me so much delicious fruit at breakfast this morning. I’ll come up here all V wants if it’s affordable.

Today (day 1) we did a lot of catching up with V’s fam (aunt, uncle, and a cousin so far), and eating (they sure know how to make their brownies right- gooey!), plus V and I worked on some songs together for his shows.

Music is hard for me. I can be a real perfectionist about it and very hard on myself. I get frustrated very easy. It’s difficult to be upset when you’re singing songs on a farm at the foot of the mountains on a beautiful summer day, but ya’ll… I managed.

Sometimes I feel so uptight, like I’ve got a cob of corn up my butt.

Anyways, we’re having fun. We’ll play a show tonight and V has more family coming into town: we’ll be a full house, baby!

I just want the eyes to see  the beauty in everything, and the trust that God will take care of all that is wrong, including what is wrong with me.

—– later that day. notice my mood swingy-ness.. ——–

Isn’t it so cool how to matter where you go you can find brothers and sisters in Christ?!

The house show we played tonight was pretty incredible. It was this cool dude  named Jeremiah’s house- V had only met him once before, but he and his friends were so hospitable! We had yummy food and a Bible study (Ecclesiastes ch 4, ya’ll). We also tried to light of some firework things after, which was pretty neat. I mean, I thought we were going to catch a dry Idaho yard on fire, but still- pretty neat.

The ride from Boise back to Melba was super great_ Vilai’s cousin, Shane, drove us nice and fast with the windows down and with country music jammin’. Have I mentioned I really enjoy V’s family?

Goodnight for now as I sleep in this super cozy bed of Vilai’s sweet cousin who let me sleep here!

And good afternoon to you all. I am going to grill some hot dogs.


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