A little slice of the Idaho Potato


It has been a fun and crazy two weeks, my friends: Four full days in Idaho meeting Vilai’s family and having a crazy Fourth of July, two days of travel, four full days in Panama City, FL, followed by a day of travel and three days of work! (Whew!). But I have a day off today, and I promised to tell you guys about Idaho, the land of potatoes.

Idaho was awesome.

The visit involved a lot of chill time with Vilai and his incredible family,


DSCN2254 DSCN2253A lot of tasty food (but oddly, no potatoes…),


They bought Vilai a cake (from Costco, so huge) at one of the house shows he played. So Sweet! Literally.


Uncle Dave making some kick-butt teriyaki kebabs.

A lot of singing,


I’ve been working on my facial expressions whilst singing… am I getting better?


(yes. I took this artistic photo)

a lot of beautiful views,

DSCN2237 DSCN2264 DSCN2261and a lot of patriotic-ness.


Vilai’s cousins sold this special edition shirt for Melba Fourth of July. I have one. You don’t. Be jealous. (if you want info on their printing company, just ask me!)

DSCN2251 11659433_1023854557625760_1673538660243491698_nI hope these pictures give you some insight as to what Idaho wasΒ like for me. I tried to journal, but only kept it up for one day (FAIL.).

I will write that one days journal entry in a different post, so I don’t overload you with words. Afterall, don’t you have some laundry you should be doing?

When I got back from Idaho, two beautiful girls picked me up from the Atlanta airport.


This is Autumn. She’s the best! Besides Chaela, who is not pictured

The three of us hung out in Atlanta till the late night, and had a great drive home. The next day I hopped on a charter bus with 39 highschoolers to go to Panama City, Florida. But that is a story for another day, because let’s be honest- it might be me who needs to do laundry.




9 thoughts on “A little slice of the Idaho Potato

  1. That cake really IS huge! thank you Costco huh lol! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    With the hot weather we’ve all been getting, that Lake water must of been super refreshing huh?


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