Ruthie Takes Flight


I totally look like I’m flying here.. right?

Today I fly to Idaho.

Vilai has family up there, so we are hanging out, playing a 4th of July festival, and eating lots of potatoes!

I’m pretty darn excited about it. One reason being that I love the airport, another being that I get to spend more time with Vilai than I’ve had opportunity to in the last year, and yet another that I have never been west of Tennessee! This will be a new experience for me. I hear there is low humidity- what that feels like, I do not know.

My 12 pound bag is packed. My bills are paid. I’ve moved all my junk out of the living room and into my bedroom where it can’t bother anybody. The only things left to do are shut down this computer, and go to work for a few hours.

I’ll keep a journal of all our fun experiences and perhaps post some one here.

Shout out to Autumn, Katelyn, and Chaela for agreeing to accompany me/drive me on my trips to and from the Atlanta airport (one of my favorite places!).

And a note to all the thieves out there: Katelyn and Autumn will still be home whilst I’m gone, so stay away from my interesting new touch-screen computer!

Until next time,



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