Left Behind


Technology astounds me with the way it develops so quickly. I got a new laptop recently, and all my options were touch screen and fold back 360 degrees. Windows 8 looks just like a touch screen phone with all the apps and jazz.

Can I please have a Mac Os 9 with SimFarm and Space Invaders? That’s all I really want.

(okay, okay, I’ll admit… This touch screen laptop is really rad.)

I used to feel all on top of the trends because I was pretty popular on Facebook. Now everyone has Instagrams, and Twitters, and SnapChats… and I still don’t have a smart-phone.

In all honesty I really like my dumb-phone, and my Ipod classic, and my cds, and my actual camera. Just please don’t leave me behind in the technology race, friends. Remember that I am here and I love you, whether I can SnapChat you about it or not!

I’m sure I’ll get a smart-phone someday. But ya’ll will probably all phones that double as a jet plane by that point.



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