One of Life’s Many Problems


I would write a nice long post contemplating all of life’s problems and why they exist. But you see, I burnt my right index finger pretty bad at work today; it hurts to type. So, instead I will write a short little post about just one of life’s many problems:

There are always too many bananas at our apartment.

(first world problem?)

I buy bananas. Katelyn buys bananas. Autumn buys bananas. Bananas are great! They are cheap and tasty. Autumn and I like them green; Katelyn likes them bright yellow, but you know how absolutely no one likes them? When they get brown speckles. That happens, and everyone stops touching the bananas.

There are currently six brown bananas on our counter..

Banana bread anyone?

Just hoping I don’t re-burn my finger tonight as I bake.


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