Just Call me biscuit girl


Ya’ll I work at a restaurant, that shall remain unnamed, and can I say I am freakin’ great at my job!? Well, I’m great at one particular aspect of my job anyways.

Yes, I open the door with a smile and show people to the perfect seats for them. Of course, I make a pretty great floor layout for my servers, making sure they get an even amount of tables. Indeed, I am great at running food and drink out to the tables and barely spilling any on our guests. But what I’m best at is biscuit making.

Oh, I have my faults. I have struggled with window washing for my whole life, and sometimes I let a bathroom stall get a little too close to running out of toilet paper! But I really think I make up for all this with my amazing talent at biscuit making.

Ya’ll, I am a rockstar. I add in the wet ingredients (to pre-prepped dry. Thank you prep guys :)). I put on some big ol’ gloves and hand mix my dough, not too sticky but not too dry! I spray my pan and scoop biscuits on in perfect rows of 5 by 7.

I take pride in the symmetry of my biscuits.

Don’t walk away thinking I just pan our beautiful biscuits. Oh no, I also bake them AND paint on our tasty garlic butter.

Yesterday I scooped 20 pans of biscuits. Just call me an integral part of our restaurant! Or you could call me biscuit girl, that’d work too.


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