Banjo Mountain Music Men



My boyfriend is a musician.

Well that, plus he goes to school and works at a yummy sushi restaurant! (yum.).

This means that my girly dream of having songs written about me is fulfilled! It also means that I have the opportunity to meet some really neat people, hear some really great music firsthand, and sing with him at times. (In fact, we are going up to Idaho and touring around next week. So if you’re an Idahoan, let me know.)

I really do enjoy Vilai’s music and the music that he and his buddy Dave produce together. I am 99.9% sure I’d really love their music even if I didn’t know what awesome and cool people were making it.

All this to say, Vilai and Dave have a nice EP on Bandcamp that I think ya’ll might enjoy listening to!

Here is the link:

Also, I just want to thank you guys so much for reading my rambles. I plan on rambling more often for you, and I’ll be sure to have stories from the land of Idaho!


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