“Cheep Cheap” Casserole


cheapThis casserole is a pretty cheap one, but that’s not the real reason why it’s called the “Cheep Cheap Casserole”. It’s called that because it has chicken and an egg, and because Katelyn wouldn’t approve of any of my other name ideas (Cockadoodle-Casserole. Cuckoo Chicken Casserole. etc…)

Yes, this is another one of my Katelyn recipes (I write the recipe. She buys and eats.) Katelyn really enjoys having as many food groups as possible present in each recipe, so that she feels fairly nourished from just one food dish– Hence, our love of casserole making.

Most of the other dishes we cook are tomato based. Katelyn looooves tomatoes. “My favorite vegetable is a fruit!” she says. We decided to step out of our comfort zone a little with this one though. My first inclination was to call it the “Everything but Tomato Casserole”, but we realized there were many other things also not present in our dish.

To make this recipe you will need:

* Olive oil

* 1 onion, diced

*5 mushrooms sliced, or 1 can (much cheep cheaper.)

* 1/2 tsp garlic salt

*1/2 tsp pepper

*1 tsp Greek seasoning

*1/2 can chicken stock

*2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized chunks.

* 2 zucchinis, sliced

*1 cup rice (measured dry), steamed. (brown or white. brown=healthier, white= cheep cheaper)

*3/4 cup Greek yogurt

*1 egg

*1 can french cut green beans, drained

First things first, get that rice a’steamin!

Preheat that oven to 400 F.

Then get out a nicccee big pan, put your oil in there and turn the stovetop on high. After a minute, toss in your diced onion and sliced mushrooms. Cook until your onions are clear and carmelized (yum!). Add your 1/2 can of chicken stock. Let cook 1 min. Next add your chicken bits, and cook until they are barely pink. Then add in your zucchini peices next.

Cook all this until zuchinni is slightly soft, about 5 min.

IMG_1547Mix your finished rice, chicken/veg mix, drained green beans, egg, and 3/4 cup Greek yogurt in a glass 9×13 casserole dish.

IMG_1549Cook at 400 F for about 40 min or until slightly crisp on top.


Yeah, I know I be lookin’ cute.

Katelyn says she really liked it even though it didn’t contain tomatoes or corn or any other food item she is particularly in love with. That’s what I call success, my friends! Try this recipe and tell me how it goes!

Oh yeah,

Serves 6

~ 326 Cal per serving

~ 29g protein per serving


2 thoughts on ““Cheep Cheap” Casserole

  1. I’m totally going to try this recipe! I am always trying (but seemingly failing) to eat healthy because it seems like such an effort to cook healthy. This is so doable! (And I love me some mushrooms and Chicken) Thanks for this!


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