I’m not one to rant…but I have some beef that needs to be aired.

No,  it’s not beef with a person, group, job, or situation. I have beef with the English language, a bone to pick with it per say.

[note: I am not actually angry, but there are definitely some aspects of English grammar that perplex me. It’s likely you’ve noticed through reading my blog.]

Have you guys heard of FANBOYS? Not as in boys who get all squealy when their favorite girl-band takes the stage or as in that Kristen Bell movie, but as in the acronym for conjunctions:








“What a helpful acronym for a grammar rule! I can use these conjuctions to connect two separate sentences as long as I place a comma in front of them, hoorah!”

But have you ever noticed there is no “because” in FANBOYS? There is a “but” but no because. This is because you never place a comma before “because” (according to my technical writing professor after I got a question wrong on my exam this morning..).

In other words, a sentence such as the following is correct:

“Ruthie ate biscotti dipped in coffee this morning because her professor is nice and brought treats to the exam.”

Doesn’t that sounds a little wordy to you? Wouldn’t a nice comma help clarify things a bit?

I propose that FANBOYS should become FAN B-BOYS. Or heck, maybe it should even be FHAN B-BOYS. We can’t leave “hence” out. I mean, people don’t use “hence” very often, but if they were to use it between two complete sentences, I think they would deserve to use a separating comma!

I’m no English major though, hence my large disregard for proper grammar..

(I apologize if my overuse of commas and my run-on sentences break your heart. Forgive me?)


3 thoughts on “FHAN B-BOYS

  1. Ha! Years ago I argued with a literary professor about this exact same issue and what we both found out was that it’s a matter of choice. Your professor doesn’t believe that “because” can be a conjunction…but ask your professor to tell you when ‘Y’ is a vowel and I bet they can’t. The reason, because it’s rarely used as a vowel. Same with the word “because”. It can be a conjunction when it needs to be, but that all depends on the how the sentence is formed.

    And I agree with you…even though the word “because” is not a conjunction, that doesn’t mean it can’t act like one every now and then. 🙂

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