Censoring Myself


It’s really interesting to see all the different blogging styles out there. There are fashion blogs, opinion blogs, personal blogs, food blogs, random blogs (*cough* me *cough*).Some people are anonymous, and some let you know their names along with their second cousin’s phone number. Some people are very open about their feelings and thoughts on things; others are quite mysterious.

It takes all sorts to keep the blogosphere interesting, and there’s certainly no “right way” to do it (though perhaps a right way for each individual, yes?).

I, for one, find that I censor myself on this blog a lot. No, I don’t just mean I try not to curse; although, I guess I do.

I mainly mean  things like:

Keeping personal stuff personal

When I’m frustrated or have any negative feeling toward a person, organization, situation, etc, I try not to post about it on my blog. My name is on this blog, for one, and I would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings through my writing. I’m striving to be a loving person, and a lot of times venting via blog or even to a friend doesn’t really help me reach that goal. Venting my angry fire typically just gives it more oxygen to feed of of, instead of leading me to grace and forgiveness.

I do tend to be a bit more open about my beliefs, which in our culture are considered personal (and I would agree that they’re personal, as they’re what you base your life upon and therefore central to who you are as a person..). There are a lot of topics, however, that I avoid though I have strong beliefs about them. Many topics are like sign posts that say “please have a heated and hateful argument here”, and I ain’t about that.

Certain things are best discussed over coffee with someone you know and care about, amiright?

Not talking about work

I’d never say something negative about my jobs, because I’m so fortunate as to have the best jobs in the world (in my personal opinion). But for some reason it feels so awkward to talk about work, like it’s confidential or something.

Not talking about gross stuff

Ya’ll, I’m gross. You might not know this about me, because I censor myself so well. Believe it or not, I talk about poop 50% of the time, and 90% of the time if I’m around Vilai. Also, I’m in the health sciences, so you can bet I love talking about organs, diseases, and things that make normal people, like Katelyn, want to throw up their Cheerios (copyright 🙂 ).

I use Katelyn as my test subject for whether topics are appropriate for the general public or not. Unfortunately, I think she’s becoming more and more immune to my grossness.. poor thing.

I typically tend to follow these little blog rules for myself, but don’t always expect it of me! I’ve got this really pesky wart I’ve been wanting to write all my frustrations about, and that will probably be both personal and gross..

Then again, maybe I’ll keep that topic to myself.

Or I’ll vent to Katelyn.


What say you?

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