Bosses are the best


Tonight I am taking some time to contemplate how fortunate I’ve been in the department of good jobs and good bosses.

What brought this on?

Well, tonight I won fitness employee of the year at my gym, and my boss said some really sweet things about me. The thing is, the reason I do well as a fitness instructor is because I work for such a wonderful place and for such incredible people!


It’s not just my employers at Fike [the gym] that are awesome. I’m the high school girl’s intern at my church, and that is pretty awesome. I guess I should expect my youth-pastor-boss to be kind and gracious etc. etc. It kind of goes with the territory haha. But he really does go above and beyond.

I had a wonderful boss at a weight-loss clinic last semester. She helped me learn a ton and showed me that I’d really love to counsel people one day.

And just this past week, I got a job at a restaraunt that shall remain un-named [they have a social media policy, and I don’t want the knowledge that I work there to discourage people from visiting!]. My new bosses (there are 3 of them!) are all wonderful, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

There are a lot of people I know who have not had good experiences at all with bosses (*cough* Katelyn *cough*). Bosses have been mean, discouraging, scary, and have sometimes made their employees really hate their job. I’m really blessed to have worked under such wonderful people and great examples.

If you are the boss of anybody, and you are reading this, bear this in mind: you have a huge impact on your employees lives. Be someone they can honor, love, and respect.

And to all us employees out there (that’s pretty much everyone, yeah? Even a student is sort of an employee to a teacher..), we should try to honor and respect our bosses whether they deserve it or not.. It just makes it a ton easier when they’re awesome, does it not?


2 thoughts on “Bosses are the best

  1. Love your positivity here Ruthie. Congratulations on fitness employee of the year. That is HUGE Our work can often be a reflection on how well we are treated, and your work did not go unnoticed. This is wonderful.
    I am very fortunate for my employer and boss/bosses. They are very good at showing appreciation. With the show on the other foot, am also a lay minister. Those that serve in the church, I appreciate so much. Even the congregation in general. They show so much respect. I appreciate them SO much.
    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂


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