Do These Photos Seem Embarassing To You??


The other week my friends and I had a fun photoshoot wearing a bunch of random clothes from my closet. This photoshoot came with one stipulation: I was not allowed to post the photos to any social media besides my blog.

While I don’t understand why they don’t want their beautiful, carefree personalities displayed all over Facebook, I am going to respect the rule.

I could easily post a link to this blog post on Facebook.. But that’s a loophole and that’s cheating, and I don’t beleive in that sort of thing.

I’ll just take advantage of what I can do. Here are my favorites:

DSCN1671 DSCN1684 DSCN1687 DSCN1690

Here are a couple fun tips for ya’ll:

1.) If you don’t want blurry group pictures, check to make sure your camera isn’t on macro.

2.)Go do something random and fun with your friends!


What say you?

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