I Bet My Hula Hoop Is Bigger Than Yours


DSCN1707 DSCN1710

I have a really big hula hoop. You may think you have a big hula hoop too, but you’re wrong. Mine is bigger. I believe it was designed to get rid of belly fat; though, I don’t think it really works. Hooping is really great and fun- belly fat reduction or no. Five minutes here, five minutes there, and eventually I’ve worked out a good bit for the day.

But now I’m scared to hula hoop… I’m scared I’ll start bleeding internally_ something I heard rumors about..

The internet doesn’t say much about it, and they wouldn’t sell something dangerous, but I’m still a bit nervous. Everytime I hoop, I think I feel my insides hurting.

I really oughta get over this- hula hooping is my jam! I’ll just tighten my ab muscles real hard everytime, gaurd those soft internal organs!

If you’re a fellow hooper, don’t let this post scare you. Instead, please encourage me that hula hooping is good for me and will not cause me to hemorrhage.



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