Free Time? What Does That Mean?


Free-time is something I avoid. I don’t do it consciously, mind you.  It just happens. You see, I say “yes” to a lot of things, and I tend to plan out every moment I have. So there is always something to do.

“Why hello ma’am. Would you like to join the Happy-Joyful-GibberGabbers club??”

Well I don’t see why not, good sir! I do have lunchtime free on Tuesday, and I was looking for a way to fix that. Plus, I am a big supporter of happiness!”

(Hypothetical conversation. Didn’t really happen. That’d be cool though.)

Oh sure, I know plans don’t work out 99% of the time_ that don’t get me down! I don’t have real control over most things. Jesus is the driver of this bus, and it’s true anything could happen at any time. However, I still think it’s wise to plan out my time, so as to use it effectively. (Even if that involves planning specific times to watch  Gilmore Girls or take a nap..)

Today I find myself with some free-time. Really it’s bigger than just plain-ol’ free-time. This is free-time without the internet. It’s a snow day here in SC, so no classes to go to or internet in our apartment. It’s kind of freaky how much I rely on the internet. I can’t watch Gilmore Girls or Facebook stalk, or do homework. I can’t work on my photo-collage-video, because I can’t download photos from offline. I can’t even post this blog entry.. For once in my life, my room is already clean, so I can’t do that..

holy poop! The power just went out. I am typing this out the day after I wrote it because the internet is back, and the power went out.. Life is funny. Haha anyways-

So what does one do?

[Everyone yells: “Play in the snow, you big dummy!!!” – I can’t. It’s pretty icy out there, not snowy.]

– One calls her best friend, Autumn to wish her happy birthday

– She studies her anatomy notes

-She dresses like a rockstar and dances around to Billy Joel music

-She does NOT lie on her floor and binge eat chocolate. Does not. doesnot doesnot….

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- [Written 2/17. Typed out 2/18, posted after a short delay from the power outage.]

What Ruthie actually did 2/17: read Life Together, did dishes, and hula-hooped a big ol’ hula hoop.


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