The Moody Mood


I’m in a mood. I suppose you are too, though we might not be in the same sort of mood. You could be feeling sleepy, grumpy, playful, or angry. Perhaps you are feeling a mood that is unique to you, one that the rest of human kind has not experienced. That is doubtful though.. I feel that us people-types can empathize with each other pretty well when it comes to moods.

Right now I am feeling a bit creative, but not the sort of creative that wants to paint the Mona Lisa, discover a planet, or fix the worlds problems. I am the sort of creative that wants to use the right side of my brain and do something small. I don’t want to do school work, and I don’t want to watch Gilmore Girls; I want to do something that feels productive, but isn’t actually.

So I think I’ll make a photo collage to a good song that has been running through my head! (Yes.. That has been the point of this whole post. Sorry.). I’ll use my favorite photos, ones that are significant to me, and then I will post it on this blog.

I am held accountable to you now, reader. I won’t let you down.


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