This Christmas, I Met a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


I have to say that there were so many great memories made this Christmas: the family Christmas party, games with Katelyn’s family, decorating Chaela’s tree, the tacky Christmas light tour, rides in Vilai’s new pickle-bus (Volkswagon van), jumping on the trampoline with Taya, seeing my sisters, sleeping in ’til 11am, getting my Dad to play a board game, Christmas eve dinner with crab, mussels, and steak, New Year’s eve at Autumn’s place… The list could go on and on and on even more, but that would probably bore most of you folks. However, this Christmas break, there was one thing that happened that should not bore anyone- if it does than there is nothing on this blog that could possibly entertain you. This Christmas break, I met Michelangelo, the teenage mutant ninja turtle.

It’s not everyday that you meet a ninja turtle, especially one of the teenage mutant variety. Ninja’s are very sneaky characters,  plus I hear these ninja turtles hang out in the sewers- a place I don’t visit very often. I’m sure you can see why I rank a rare encounter, such as this, so high amongst my Christmas memories- especially when you factor in how cool Michelangelo is. Mikey is a pretty rad dude. He loves pizza, having fun, and dinosaurs. Heck, he and I are practically the same person, besides the fact that he is a lot shorter than me. (also that little fact that he’s a turtle).

Since teenage mutant ninja turtles are so rare- only four in the world- you might be wondering how I met good ol’ Mikey… It was the strangest thing really; he was just chilling in my living room one day, playing with toy dinosaurs and trucks. I assure you, my living room is nothing like a sewage pipe, so he couldn’t have confused it for his home. Maybe he was just attracted to my super cool family, or could sense that my nephew Brogan is a huge fan of his. Whatever his reason for coming to my house, I’m super glad he did. We connected, Michelangelo and I.

Yep, we’re pretty much best friends now.

I think I have bragging rights for life.


What say you?

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