My roommate, Katelyn, is a very interesting character. (Disclaimer: my other roomates are very interesting as well). Katelyn is interesting in the way that she is the proud owner of all things needed to create home-made sushi- bamboo mats, rice steamer, seaweed, and all that jazz.

Making homemade sushi, well that’s pretty neat! It’s not exactly something you can keep all to yourself; it’s far too cool not to share- especially when it’s the first week of school and nobody’s too terribly swamped with work yet.

So, Katelyn and I got to planning. We hit up all the best stores- Walmart, Bi-Lo, Aldi.. You get the idea. We bought avacados, cucumbers, green onions, salmon in a pouch, frozen cocktail shrimp,ย the works! We even bought stuff to make some spicy mango sauce, and eel sauce (both were really good by the way). We then proceeded to invite some lovely folks over to make some rolls with us.

It wasย fun. Harder than we thought, took longer too, but fun! I think I’ve come to really respect sushi chefs- my rolls were U.G.L.Y. They tasted surprisingly wonderful though! Not going to lie, I was quite nervous about the pouched salmon, but it proved itself. You go, pouched Atlantic salmon!! Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are not fresh!

If you’re ever bored on a Friday night, and you don’t want to do the same ol’ same ol’, I suggest you throw a sushi making party. You won’t regret it. It’ll be fun; sushi unites people, don’t you know? Plus you’ll have a brand new respect for the artform! Tip your sushi/sashimi chefs!

I will now show some pictures of us making sushi, and our finished product (most likely Abbie’s since hers actually turned out pretty).


And as promised, Abbie’s attractive sushi rolls. My favorite is front and center!


Abbie and Ashley adding their fillings. Oh, and keep your thoughts about my apartment’s cleanliness to yourself please.


Chaela and Autumn having a go


Taylor having a blast, and Katelyn getting serious

I think we have decided this might be something worth going into long term. We figured we’d just keep practicing making sushi, and eventually we’ll be able to open a restaraunt. We will serve coffee and pancakes for breakfast, sushi and wine for dinner, and we will call it “Sushi-Cakes”. I’ll let you guys know how this business venture goes.

(Disclaimer: for those of you who do not understand sarcasm, that was a joke. A “kid” per say.)


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