Temporary Insomnia


I can’t seem to sleep tonight.

Normally I am the sort of person insomniacs hate. I can fall asleep in the blink of an eye- anytime, anywhere. My sleeping skill is one of my favorite things to brag about at parties. (“yeah. I sleep in the library, and during class, and in the trees… I’m a daredevil, baby!”)

Tonight is different though.

Oh sure, I’ve had plenty of nights where I couldn’t sleep due to worrisome thoughts and anxiety. You know what I’ve learned though? Everything always turns out for the best. God is in control and there’s no need to fear (after all, He knows all, and I am just a silly 19 year old American girl). So tonight my insomnia is not due to anxious fears. There is plenty I could worry about, and to be honest I do think and worry about these things to a certain degree. Yet I have a peace, and a knowledge that struggles make me into a stronger person, a more God-fearing person, and a person with stronger human relationships.

Perhaps it was the coffee.


[school starts tomorrow. It will be an early start. I’ve written my piece. Maybe I will sleep now.]


5 thoughts on “Temporary Insomnia

  1. I have a theory . . . only because it’s worked for me and I’m not necessarily an insomniac, but it worked one night when I couldn’t sleep. Try reading, I’d say a novel or something entertaining, though a text book should work as well. You’ll be up for a while yes, but after that, your brain wanders and soon sleep approaches . . . at least it did for me. Maybe you could try that the next time, see if it works and let me know.

    Other than that, yep . . . God is always in control, even when He appears absent!


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