My Beachy Weekend



This weekend I went to Hilton Head with Autumn and her family. For those of you who don’t know, Hilton Head is a beautiful island here in South Carolina. The waters aren’t exactly clear, there aren’t many shells, and the waves are not very powerful (big waves are so fun, no?), but it is a super great beach and we had such a fun time!

This weekend was both mother’s day and Autumn’s mom’s birthday. So we had a lot to celebrate with our weekend! I always feel so loved and special whenever I get invited to do family things with my friends. It makes me feel so at home and happy! I love my own family so much and they are so important to me… Something in me just wants to be part ofΒ everyone’sΒ family though, and for everyone to be part of mine, and for us all to be one big loving family together. Sounds like heaven yes?

Anyways, back to beaches and fun:

We ate so much delicious seafood! Yum yum yum. Turns out I like Calimari, and scallops, and even oysters if they are fried and wrapped in bacon. Autumn is such a good crab leg cracker. It’s kind of embarassing because she doesn’t even like seafood, and my cracking skills are nonexistent…

We think the drinking water made us all very gasy… So thankful for Febreeze.

Autumn found a sand dollar. We collected and “dried out” about thirty sea snails to use for making cutesy stuff like shell candles. Unfortunately we didn’t think about how badly they would smell… Nana Alice bought a bunch of hermit crabs. Autumn and Kristen thought they were gross, but I like hermit crabs personally. I used to have 3 when I was a kid. I named them after Lord of The Ring characters. Β I have to admit that Boromir was a pretty crabby crab…

Speaking of crabby crabs, one bit the snot out of Kristen’s finger one night when we were walking on the beach. Then she pulled his leg off. Don’t mess with Kristen. Actually, I’m pretty sure that was an accident, but crabby sand crabs are definitely to be looked out for at night on the beach. Also, look out for holes! Those suckers can really trip you up!

We got hit on by quite a number of high school boys whilst there. That was exciting. Nothing like a couple of smooth, flirtacious, braces and sunglass wearing minors to get your self-esteem pumped up. People sure do tend to be forward when they’re on vacation.

Sunscreen is wise to wear on the beach- the only problem is that I hate wearing sunscreen. I was a good girl and put it on my face and shoulders this time. I should’ve put it on my butt too… Burned butts are painful.You might not be able to see it very well but it sure hurts when you’re sitting down!

Gosh it was such a fun weekend! Don’t let my talk of burned butts, crab pinchings, and farts make you think otherwise… It was a great time with wonderful people at a beautiful place! I’m so grateful I got to go! Now I am back to life here at home, which is pretty great too!

Hooray for Summertime!







10 thoughts on “My Beachy Weekend

    • I have not forgotten you! It is just that I am now home for the Summer and here the internet is just not as good as at school- also there is not as much time!! I have not forgotten you though friend!


      • Initiator ;-)

        Pleasure is mine you remember me.. πŸ™‚
        No doubt at home we have lot of work and enjoyments of meeting with families..!
        So dear friend have a great time at home..!
        Stay blessed and ping me time to time..! πŸ˜‰
        Love and prayers…!


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