The Titmouse




This, my friends, is a Titmouse- a tufted one to be exact. I know it looks like neither tit nor mouse (except for those cute beady eyes), but it is named Titmouse and that is what I shall call it!

One of these guys was flitting and squawking around my mommy and I whilst we were tanning ourselves. These birdies are little, but they sure do know how to squawk! They are also extremely cute… This one almost landed on my leg! Quite friendly.

I’m usually not too big on birds. So many bad Peacock, Rooster, and Geese stories from my childhood that I won’t get into right now… But I like this bird! Its squawk might sound mean, but I he can’t help that! This brings the total of birds I really like up to 3: that duck at the Disney World campground who eats bread out of my hand, Vilai’s pet parakeet Turque,  and this little guy!

We couldn’t figure out what sort of bird it was, and calling it a “squawky bird” just wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to sound all educated, to know its official  name. So we looked it up in our handy dandy bird book! Unfortunately for us, the name “Titmouse” just doesn’t sound as professional and educated as we’d like. “Gray-crested Ground Finch” would’ve done so much more nicely…  If we tell people we have a cute Titmouse at our house- well who knows what they’ll think!

So, it is in our best interest for me to tell you that this (that picture up there from Wikepedia) is a Tufted Titmouse. I want people to know what a Titmouse is when I tell them about my own! So if you ever see one you can tell your friends exactly what it is. You may not sound that professional, but hey! Atleast you’re helping spread knowledge.


9 thoughts on “The Titmouse

  1. The bird is beautiful and what a stunning photo, I have a red robin that visits me this time of year. He sits on the fence post and looks at us, as if to say look at me aren’t I the coolest thing? Be careful you might end up being a nerdy bird watcha like me!


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