College Essay: “Why Bacon Is So Delicious”


Tonight I am procrastinating studying for my exams and cleaning out all the old files and documents on my computer instead! Man, there are so many assignments on this computer that I do not remember doing… Here is a super short essay where I argue that bacon is a rhetorical text! I suppose it was written about a year ago haha


Why Bacon Is So Delicious

            Bacon donuts, bacon gum, bacon popcorn, are all products made for bacon loving Americans in the United States. From bacon frozen yogurt to bacon candy canes America has it all. Why do Americans obsess over bacon the way they do?  Perhaps it is the intoxicating smell that brings back memories of mom frying Sunday breakfast. Maybe it is the crunchy texture, the savory taste, or the sizzling sound it makes. Whatever the attraction is, the bacon craze has taken over.

As Alfano and O’Brien said:

“Therefore, we need to develop skills of analysis for all rhetorical texts. We need to understand argument as writing across diverse media and in turn develop multimedia literacy, or a careful way or reading, analyzing, and understanding media (visual, verbal, and other rhetorical texts).” (Alfano 7)

Even bacon is a rhetorical text. The way the grease sparkles on the crispy brown pig meat strips cause even the most stuffed human believe they have room for one more piece. If a recipe is lacking, add bacon. Anything that has bacon must be good.


Like I said- super short. I think our teacher just wanted us to prove we could use block quotes… Now I want to eat bacon.


8 thoughts on “College Essay: “Why Bacon Is So Delicious”

  1. Such a great article! I know TONS of people who’d love this! And we’ve all done cleaning in college to put off studying till 10 at night. My best work happens late at night!


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