A Day In The Life of Ruthie


To be honest, today was not a typical day.. I don’t think I have ‘typical’ days. I’m a college kid after all, with schedules changing every few months and with random stuff happening on the constant! But today I felt like sharing the goings on of a not so interesting day, because who knows what cool people out there might relate!? Plus, this way I get to take a fun break from studying for exams! (hoorah!)

Today I contemplated going to the pool with my friend Kenny, but it was too cloudy! So instead I drew the steps to glycolysis and I started to pack for the Summer. Cutting a small hole at the bottom of a trashbag, putting hangers (with clothes on them) through small hole, then closing the drawstring = a fabulous way to pack! If that’s confusing, this link should help make sense…


Studying with a smile!

For lunch I had half a microwaved potato, some reheated pinapple chicken from the weekend (Autumn and I made it. It was so good!), a ton of frozen brocolli, and three oatmeal raisn cookies from the freezer… I lack self-control sometimes.

After cleaning the toilet, studying the TCA cycle, and playing my ukulele a bit, I walked to the gym and took a Zumba class. I got paid to take said Zumba class. Be jealous 😉 You can imagine I regretted those cookies though… Then I walked back home, studied more, scrubbed the shower, studied once more, and finally I sat down to write this blog post!

You know, days don’t always sound adventurous or special, but everyday is unique and worth living. You should’ve seen how excited the squirrels were as they hid their nuts this morning, and it was super great to talk to people in Zumba! Plus it’s only 5 o’clock right now, so who knows what else is in store!

I’ll probably eat another potato (gotta finish the bag before I go home friday), and I’ll study more! Maybe I’ll make tea and ask Katelyn to take a study break and play Rummikub with me…

Best wishes to everyone with life and whatever it throws your way!



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