My Mistake


You know that moment? The one where you learn something new and it’s terribly shocking. It’s something that you should’ve known all these years! I had one of these moments when I learned that most people just write to the pink line on the right side of their notebook paper… (I was writing all the way to the edge, leaving no margins. I was a junior in high school.)… Another one of those moments when I found out hamburgers were made from beef and most hotdogs are made from ham. Also, Grapefruits have no relation to grapes whatsoever!! What kind of crazy world is this???

I had another one of these lovely, confused, and dumbstruck moments this morning 7am whilst on facebook. I don’t spell “y’all” correctly. I’ve been spelling it ya’ll  my whole existence… But evidently y-apostrophe-ll is the appropriate spelling. Kind of makes sense: You.All. Y’All.

I’ve probably been annoying so many genuine Southerners with my misspellings. Nobody ever told me I was doing it wrong! I guess they were keeping the rage silently inside. I’m very sorry if my apostrophe misplacement has been annoying you.

As a South Carolina native, this is something I should know how to do right! Country girl represent. I may have to practice though… Let’s be honest “y’all” just looks plain awkward!


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