Time Flies, So Does Fruit


Am I really about to go to my last class as a sophomore in college? I thought I was still a freshman… You’re telling me I’m halfway done? But I still haven’t jumped into the reflection pond, played night frisbee, or snuck into those underground tunnels! I better hop on that stuff. Who’s with me?

Real adulthood is fast approaching, which is cool and all! I’m excited for that. I just want to enjoy each and every moment of life while I’m young like this. I’m scared the number of sleepovers I have is slowly dwindling down to none… Time with friends is no longer endless. It is special, short, and intentional.

Hosanna said something really inspirational yesterday… It went something along the lines “It’s good people grow up and things change. I mean you’d rather have things stay exactly the way they are, but if they did you wouldn’t appreciate them as much. Passage of time makes moments more special.” Except she words things so much more gracefully than I. I would also like to add to that, without the passage of time there wouldn’t be more special moments to look forward to. Moments that are beyond our imaginings or earthly planning.

I think some of those cliche phrases are good: “live in the moment” “don’t live in the past” yada yada yada. Trust God with your life. He knows what He’s doing.

Man. Time surely does fly like an arrow…Β and fruit flies like a banana.



9 thoughts on “Time Flies, So Does Fruit

  1. Like this post, especially the line about trust God. He does know what he is doing. His plans for us are perfect if we listen to Him and follow His guidance. Enjoy these next two years. They are wonderful years followed by amazing things afterward as you enter a new kind of life.


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