Influential Writing Moments


Why do I like to write? hmmm….

It’s obvious I enjoy writing. This is a fact I must accept. Especially after keeping this little blog for a year.

I think it all started when my sister, Katie, won a poetry contest here at Clemson. I was 7 at the time, and all the contest probably wasn’t that big a deal, I thought it was theย coolest thing ever! After that, Katie started training me in the art of poetry writing. Together we wrote a poem entitled “Unfortunate Deoderant”… I think Katie did the naming honors. After that I kept a “Ruthie Poetry Folder” of sorts. I thought I was the best poet, and I knowed it. There was a poem dedicated to each one of my cats, and even one about socks! I happened to stumble upon this little folder last summer while I was cleaning out my room for school… Turns out I was not the child prodigy I thought I was at the time, but the poems were still cute. Maybe I’ll find that folder again this summer…

A few years Katie decided to help me more with my literature skills, so I wrote my first short story ever for her to read over and critique. It was calledย The Man Who Had Never Tasted Flour. Spoiler Alert: It was about a man who had never had flour in his whole life. This man found out he was dying and decided he wanted to eat a spoonful of flour as his last deed. Unfortunately he died just as the spoon of flour was about to enter his mouth. The end. As a side plot to my story, this man who was also bald, walks around a neighborhood knocking on doors and asking people if anyone has some Rogaine he could use.

Yes, I am an artistic genius who is meant to be a journalist. I know.

Ever since those young experiences with my sister, I’ve just really enjoyed writing!

I have kept journals on and off throughout my life (old journals are the most alarming of horror stories.), and I also love to write in this blog! Ocassionally I’ll write a third person narrative short story about little events from my life- this is mainly for documenting my own memories, and because some folks find them entertaining. They can be found in the Stories section of my blog. Other than that I just write whatever the heck I want (kind of like now).

I’ve been writing for forever, though I’m not claiming it as something I’m goodย at. Any old English teacher of mine would tell you I use passive voice to often, and that I am a sucker for run on sentences…I am by no means a “writer” and my major of nutrition has very little to do with English, Journalism or Literature, but I’d go pretty nutso without written word. So I’ll keep writing dorky poetry, stories, and whatever the heck I want.

Maybe I’ll give some little 7 year old little English lessons to help spread the love.


11 thoughts on “Influential Writing Moments

  1. Those of us who write do so simply because we cannot imagine not writing. We’re compelled to express our ideas and opinions in ways that will reach out to others and to give shape to our world through the written word. Keep writing as long as you a moved to do so and let no one dictate the why or the worth of it.


    • That is very interesting! I didn’t know religion was one of your majors. I suppose it makes sense with a lot of your poetry and references ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for the reblog and the opportunity!


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