When Life Gives You Broken Eggs, Make a Quiche!


Picture this:

You’ve just gone on your weekly grocery trip. You and your roommate decide the two of you can carry up all the bags up in one load- you are mighty strong women after all! The two of you empty the trunk and begin hauling the goods up the stairs to your apartment. Both of your arms are very full, but you are capable of walking up the stairs, even though you can’t see your toes. Upon reaching the door to your apartment the two of you encounter an unforeseen dilemma- who will unlock the door? Being a responsible and key posessing person, you begin shifting the groceries in order to get to the keys in your purse. Unfortunately, as you are shifting the groceries, you drop the worst bag possible on the concrete. You drop the carton of eggs.

Upon going into the apartment, and opening up the carton, you realize that 5 of your precious eggs are broken.

What do you do in such a situation as this?

Do you throw away these 5 eggs that you have just spent money on? You are a college student on a budget. If you do this you are very likely to run out of food before the next grocery run.

I found myself in this very situation just the other day, and I did not throw the eggs away. I made a quiche.

How to make an easy last minute “OH NO” Quiche:

mix 4-5 eggs and 1 cup milk in a bowl

add veggies, cheese and/or meat of choice (I used brocolli, zucchinni, peppers, and swiss)

don’t forget seasonings (I did… woops. Garlic salt and pepper would do nicely.)

pour in sprayed (preferrably glass) pie pan

bake at 375 for 40 minutes

Voila! You have a quiche. Easy no?




I’m almost glad my eggs broke. It forced me to take some time to cook something. I haven’t cooked in a while, too much stress, and I miss it! It’s easy to forget how fun and stress releiving cooking is.

So if you ever find yourself with broken eggs, don’t throw them away, make a quiche. And if you are ever bored or stressed and you feel like making a quiche- then honey, you make yourself a quiche! They’re delicious!


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