1-2-3 CHEESE!


This is not a post about cheese, although cheese is one of the most worthy of topics.

This is a post about pictures, and those obnoxious people who make you take them all the time!

oh wait…. that would be me.

I love to document memories, to have lasting momentos of who we were. If I have a picture of something, that’s one less memory I have to etch over and over in my brain again so as to make it permanent. The pictures do the remembering for me. I could go write about it, but I don’t always have time for such things!

I remember whenever we had family get togethers as a kid my Maman would stop the festivities for an hour in order to get family pictures. Everyone would grumble “oh no- we have to get pictures. Hope the battery doesn’t die midway again…”. I would grumble too; this meant putting of the cake eating even longer! But now that we’re all older, Maman is gone, many of my cousins have kids, and we don’t see each other  much anymore, I think we are all very glad that she made us take so many pictures at those get togethers. And now I like to keep my relationships and events documented, thank you very much!

Usually this doesn’t require too much work for me: Chaela always takes pictures when she’s around, Katelyn Abs and I snap the ocassional selfie, Vilai and I need to remember to take pictures together more but atleast he is willing, most folks are cooporative when I get in a picture taking moods. There is just one grand opposer to my photo taking- my Bosom friend Autumn. At times she will allow photos, but these times are few and far between. In most cases I have to beg.

Take this weekend before we went to a Josh Turner concert for example:


Now there’s a girl being forced to take a picture against her will!



Autumn and I have a long history of me forcing us to take pictures together…


She is the one hiding her beautiful face!


I don’t think she was feeling it that day…

But because of a little pushing in the picture taking direction, Autumn and I have some great photos together! ImageImage



So I’m going to keep the pushing for photos up, because these photos (and a ton more) make me smile big time! I love that I have friends (*cough cough* Chaela *cough*) that take pictures a lot so I don’t have to think about it! But there will be times when I obnoxiously beg for a picture to be taken. If I ever do this to you and it’s annoying, I’m sorry. Just know that it’s because the moment is special to me, and so are you! And if you ever happen to be with me and want to get a picture together, let’s do it. Because I probably want to take one too and just don’t want to be obnoxious!

Also, I would like to make the disclaimer that Autumn isn’t always opposed to picture taking and is sometimes quite a good sport about it! Ocassionally she even initiates it. So a big thanks to Autumn for being the victim of slight exaggeration in order to make a blog post slightly more interesting!

So to you picture takers- keep taking them (in a respectful and not too pushy fashion). And to you picture haters- please let us photograph you some… We love you, think you’re beautiful, and want to capture you!

What a creepy way to end a post… Oh well!



7 thoughts on “1-2-3 CHEESE!

  1. Love photo’s. I have them all over the house in different frames and collections not to mention endless files on the computer in case I need just ‘one more’ of a certain day or event. When I was younger I would get restive with all the taking of photos that comes at family events but now I’m so glad to have them and to add my own to them.


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