I typed the title as an acronym, but it does not stand for anything. It just means “blah” the way I’ve felt today.

I’m sorry if I’ve mislead you. I love you and those were not my intentions! Here is an acronym just because I feel like I’ve lied to you:





Don’t eat blue lasagna. Unless it’s a blueberry dessert lasagna- in which case you should proceed. (yum!)

You may have noticed that I am in an odd mood, slightly down today. Its one of those days where you just want to curl into a ball under a gigantic pile of blankets, and sleep forever. I think it might have to do with all the rain outside, and just because everyone has sad days now and then, (also because I’ve watched Holocaust videos for religion class all day, but that’s such a depressing and awful event that I do not want to talk about it on the internet in a post that also talks about blue lasagnas.)

It’s kind of weird for me to admit that I get down sometimes- people tend to get the impression that I am always happy. I think it’s because people make me happy… So when I see them, I get happy- therefore they think I am always happy. But this is not the case. I always have hope, and ultimate peace and joy, but sometimes my hormones and mood gets a little cracky wacky just like everyone elses!

I hope that when you feel sad, depressed, confused or like you want to sleep forever under a gigantic pile of blankets, that you have hope and trust in God as a foundation to stand on. Life continues 🙂

Don’t forget to stay away from the blue lasagnas! You can trust Jesus, but you can’t trust those blue lasagnas.

With love,



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