How Ruthie Became a Responsible Driver: The Seventeenth Birthday


You may have heard the stories– the stories of Ruthie driving irresponsibly, at times putting herself or others in danger and damaging property. All of these stories occurred before this particular story- the story of how Ruth became a responsible driver.

“Let’s drive to Charleston, stay at your sister’s house and go to the beach!” suggested Autumn.

Ruthie was turning seventeen, and the beach seemed like a fun spontaneous way to celebrate, and fun and spontaneous it was!

The two young and untraveled girls made the three hour trek to Ruth’s sister’s place in Charleston. Sixteen-year-old Ruth was the anxious and excited driver. They had an uneventful drive (except for a casual U-turn or so), and made it safely there. That evening they played games, enjoyed the kiddos, ate delicious food- all the usual “Ruthie’s awesome family” activities.

Now I know this story seems to be going nowhere, but bear with me. Some serious shiznit goes down soon.

The next day was Ruthie’s birthday, so she and Autumn headed to the beach for the morning. Autumn was sunburnt, so she lathered in sunscreen, put on a t-shirt, stood in the shade and watched as Ruthie jumped up and down in the waves for an hour. This probably wasn’t too exciting for Autumn, but she was a good sport- it was Ruthie’s birthday after all.

But best friend, family, good food, and beach were not enough fun for Ruthie’s birthday. Oh no- Ruthie had to plan dinner with all the friends she could think of that night back in Aiken (where Ruthie is from). Dinner was set for 5 O’clock. This time was awful early- but they had to make it for half-priced sushi time at Redbowl!

So Ruthie and Autumn didn’t stay at the beach long, had a rushed but yummy lunch of  homemade tomato soup, and headed out the door at around 2.

‘I got this! If we go straight to the restaurant from here, we’ll make it. Can’t be late, can’t be late, can’t be late.’ thought Ruth as they drove away. She knew if she sped just a little they should make it on time. Ruthie does not like to be late.

Soon it started to drizzle. Then rain. Then downpour torrentially.

So much for speeding a little… After an hour of this slow rain traffic, Ruthie was getting really anxious and upset. Things were not going according to plan- they were going to be so late. Everyone would be stuck waiting for them!

And then the sun came out.

‘I am going to make it’ thought Ruth, as she began to speed like a cheetah on Adderall. ‘Nobody drives on these country back roads anyways’.

But there was someone driving on those country back roads-

A cop.

Ruth’s heart leapt into her throat as she saw his car come into view, as she saw his lights flash red and blue.

He was not a happy man. Ruth had been going 23 mph over the speed limit.

“What would you have done if a deer had jumped in front of you going that fast?!” he demanded.

“Uhhh, died I guess…” replied Ruth stupidly. She was trying so hard not to cry, everyone says to cry when you get pulled over to get out of tickets, but Ruth would not. She was NOT going to cry in front of this man. Her pride would not allow it.

She succeeded in not crying in front of him. She also succeeded in getting $400 worth of tickets-$365 for speeding, and $35 for wearing her seatbelt under her armpit.

‘What are my parents going to think? How will I pay for it? The insurance is going to go up even more? What if I had killed us? Autumns parents are going to freak! No way we’ll make it in time now.’

Ruth had to stop by the nearest Burger King to cry, gain some composure, and call her Dad.

*sniff sniff* “dadeeigottaticketaahhh”

“Who is this?”

“itsMEigottaticket. IwasSPEEDINGstupidbad.” Cry cry cry

“Hahaha! Well pull yourself together before getting on the road again!”

Ruth’s dad thought it was kind of funny… Autumn did too- she had never seen Ruthie cry before, so it was a very pivotal moment of their relationship. Autumn took videos so they could keep the memory alive…

Ruthie drove the speed limit all the way to Redbowl, where they met Katelyn for dinner. Katelyn didn’t mind meeting at 6:00 instead of 5:00, and everyone else had bailed anyways. Ruthie had a good birthday dinner with friends, despite paying full price for sushi.

The three girls slept at Ruthie’s that night.  Ruth drank away her sorrows with sparking grape juice (really- sparkling grape juice. Not a euphemism for some other special drink.), as she processed the days lessons and thanked God for great friends.

From that day forward she was a responsible driver, whom any passenger can trust with their very lives. She also became more easy-going, and stopped wearing her seatbelt under her armpit!

This post written for the Weekend Funny Challenge. Hopefully it turned out to be atleast slightly humorous! If not I can always post the video of Ruthie crying and calling her father…

7 thoughts on “How Ruthie Became a Responsible Driver: The Seventeenth Birthday

  1. I can’t get the image of you at Burger King burbling into the phone to your dad. Was that your first ticket and on your birthday. That’s just so not fair. Thank you for sharing the story on the Weekend Challenge. Jenni 🙂


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