In Pursuit of a Bearded Man- With Voice Like Angel


There are a lot of large bearded men in this world.

Atleast there were at the Manchester Orchestra concert on Clemson’s campus last night.

I usually don’t keep tabs on the amount of bearded men in my vicinity, but last night I had a mission. This mission involved a very particular large bearded man, Andy Hull.

Andy Hull is the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra and can be described as looking like a lumberjack.


See what I mean?

This lumberjack of a man has a beauiful soft voice like an angel (and a passionate yell like a yeti!).

My boyfriend Vilai loves Andy Hull. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have known Andy Hull was a large bearded lumberjack man. I don’t think I would even know his name. I don’t usually know stuff about the bands I like… I just listen to them. But Vilai is very aware. Every time a Manchester song comes on:

“Gah, I love Andy Hull!!!”

So I made it my mission last night to find Andy Hull and get his autograph to give to Vilai. All the large bearded men with brown hair were in danger of getting a little tap on the shoulder from me.

“Excuse me.. Are you Andy Hull?” says I

“Nope, I’ve been asked that twice tonight! I’ll take it as a compliment though!” responds some large bearded guy

This conversation happened a few times, but never with the real Andy Hull. The real Andy Hull stayed in the tent behind the stage most of the time, and left immediately after the concert. But hey, atleast a bunch of big bearded dudes get to go tell their friends that chicks were asking for their autograph!

I guess the solution is that Vilai and I will just have to go to a Manchester concert together sometime! They were great and I’d love to see them again! Maybe next time they’ll play “I Can Feel a Hot One”.


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