A Moment


When life gets overwhelming,

When pressures and demands swamp you,

It is good to take a quiet moment to remember Who is in control.

What have I to fear?

Countless moments like these He has already brought me through,

Molding me in every test and trial.

The future is not mine to be afraid of.

It belongs to the Author of life, whom I trust.


This week may be the toughest I’ve ever had school-work wise. But you know what? In a week, I won’t even remember how hard it was. I’ll probably be worried about some other thing. So right now I am taking a deep breath, trusting God, taking one step at a time, and doing my best! Right now that means taking a nice little break to clear my head before a test 🙂 It’s amazing how there is time for rest and enjoyment even in the busy and hard times. Time to drink an iced coffee and do a Sodoku!


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