It was a pleasant entrapment though, with lots of Chi tea, vegan food, board games and small children.

Katelyn and I decided to drive up to Kentucky to visit my sister, Katie, and the fam last friday. But it turns out my car, Elvis, does not appreciate them Kentucky mountains! He was rather sad on the drive up. I should’ve known better… Poor guy has always had transmission problems.

With the transmission jumping every other hill (got the hiccups Elvis?) and with the service engine light coming on periodically, I was just extremely grateful to make it to Katies! Elvis was trembling when we got there- and still trembling when we turned him on to drive home Monday morning.

The “service engine soon” light was on too…

My desire to brave the Kentucky mountains died just then.

Probably a good thing too, as he barely made the drive to the repair shop down the road.

Many hours and phone calls later, it was concluded that Elvis was damaged beyond repair (or repair worth paying for). Elvis had left the building! (I will probably use that corny joke referring to this situation for my whole life, so you may want to go ahead and get used to it… PUN.)

How to get two girls back to a home that is 8 hours through the mountains?

Katelyn and I are too young to get a rental car, the nearest train was too far away,my sister and my parents meeting in the middle seemed like a lot of time and stress for everyone- So it was decided that we would fly back home!

Example of how I’m still a child in my own mind: When my parents mentioned air rates, I imagined them flying to Kentucky, renting a car, and driving us little girls home. – This was not what they meant of course… Realized that after longer than I’d like to admit.

The next morning (yesterday), we woke up at 4, finished getting our stuff together and Katie drove us to the Lexington airport (thank you Katie!!). Katelyn and I were such big girls navigating the airports and flying all by ourselves. I hadn’t flown in 10 (ish) years, and I forgot how absolutely cool it was!!! Forget sleeping on those cool transportation devices- they are far too exciting! As we took off on the first plane, my face looked very similar to when I saw my first 3D movie… Amazement. It’s beautiful up in the sky!

The airports fun too! The Atlanta airport is so huge. I wonder why a jewelry store is necessary in an airport…  We got coffee (which shop to choose?), rode a fun bus thing that takes you from terminal to terminal,

“You’re gonna want to hold  on to that.” says some dude referring to the leather hold-onto-loop. He was right.

and we also had a flight delay! That’s a crucial airport experience right?

We made it back safe. Our luggage did too. We had a really fun time. Katelyn’s parents picked us up.

Hopefully that was a large enough dose of big girl independence to last me through this “carless” season.


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