You Can Call Me Poogle


Actually Aunt Poogle to be precise.

“Poog” or “The Great Poogle, Master of Games” will also do nicely, but I will not be responding to any other title over the next four days.

Tomorrow marks the start of Spring Break (WOOOOHOOOO!) and Katelyn and I are headed to Kentucky for a few days to visit my Sister, Brother-in-law, and my Nephews! Needless to say, I am pumped. Little boys do this thing called “growing up”, and if you don’t go visit them often enough, you find that they do this really quick without you witnessing it!

My 1-year-old nephew, Declan, is already saying the words “thank you” (both when you give him something and when he gives you something). I must go see this. I also must go cook with my sister Katie, color with Brogan, and beat the snot out of Nick at Settlers.

In preparation for this trip I am: packing some stuff, expanding my tummy by eating lots of food, and referring to myself in the third person as Aunt Poogle.

Aunt Poogle is my identity with those kids. She is patient, has fun, serves others before herself, and has a big imagination. She likes to play dinosaur, and help do the dishes after dinner. She is also a crafty board game player. Aunt Poogle wants to be all of these things anyways. She wants her nephews to have good times with her, and she wants to be an acceptable role model.

Ruthie and Aunt Poogle are one in the same really. Both me.

.Enough chatter. I want to post cute pictures of my family and myself. I’m sure I’ll have some fun stories to tell soon, or just little explosions of love for my family that I can’t contain and must write about.


The boys: Declan left (tongue kid), Brogan right (dirty kid)

The boys: Declan left (tongue kid), Brogan right (dirty kid)


Poogle and Brogan
(They used to live it Charleston by the way 🙂 Which is why there are so many beach pictures hehe)


Family Tub Time!


It’s a true testament to the cuteness of this kid (Declan), that the worst photographer in the world (me) can take such a great photo of him using a crummy camera…




Meet Nicholas-Wide-Load!


He needs a new nick-name now he’s a college professor… So much potential. Suggestions?


Hi. We are Katie and Poogle. We cook stuff.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into the life of Aunt Poogle and family 🙂


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