On Getting in an Accident With a State Trooper. Twice.


Once upon a time,

Ruth was a bad driver.

But she isn’t any more. Nowadays she the most responsible and excellent of license holders.

This is an account of one of the bad-driving occurrences of long ago:


It was a school day, in the early spring. What day of the week cannot be recalled, though it is likely recorded in a journal of some sort. Ruth, the month old driver, was on her way to pick up Jonathan, the 6th grade boy whom she was entrusted to take to school. Sitting in the passenger seat was her Tupperware container of lettuce. (A lesson Ruth learned in high school, besides to look where you drive, was that lettuce and a carrot is not a good lunch.)

As Ruth pulled behind a silver Dodge Charger at the stop-sign by the Mexican church, this Tupperware container fell on the floor. Of course the top popped off and lettuce spilled all over the ground.

Ruth was one minute away from Jonathan’s house. Her dignity would not allow her to let Jonathan see the lettuce all over the floor. He’d find out she wasn’t good at putting lids on things! How embarrassing. So, Ruth leaned over, picking up all the little lettuce pieces, stretching to reach the ones in the furthest corner. After all, it usually took forever for a clear space at this particular stop sign. She figured she had time.

Just as a lobster doesn’t notice the slowly rising temperature as it gets cooked, Ruth did not notice her foot slowly lifting off the brake, until…


Ruth was shocked. Had she really just hit someone? Her car, Elvis, had never been in an incident before… So much for that record.

She got out of the car, rushing towards the driver of the Dodge. It was an angry, short woman in a State Trooper uniform. Ruth didn’t really blame her for being angry… The two assessed the damage.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry…” apologized Ruth, almost in tears.

“There’s no damage. Let’s just go.” said the angry yet gracious woman.

So they got back in their vehicles, the incident soon to be forgotten.

Six months later…

Ruth was driving to school on her way to pick up Jonathan, the now 7th grader. She pulled up behind a silver Dodge Charger at the stop-sign beside the Mexican church. The Charger let off its brakes and began to turn right.  Ruth let off Elvis’ brakes, looking left to see if it was clear for her to turn as well.


The Charger had decided last minute not to turn. Ruth was horrified; this was Elvis’ fifth collision. Before long she would lose count.

Ruth rushed out of Elvis, approaching the driver of the Charger. The short woman was angry. Ruth didn’t blame her.

“I’m so so sorry… “ said Ruth, almost in tears.

“Let’s look at the damage.” said the woman in the State Trooper uniform.

And damage there was.

“I’ll call it in.” said the lady.

“They’re on their way.” said the woman after her conversation with the police.

Ruth and the woman moved their cars to the Mexican church parking lot, and awaited the police. The thought of police made Ruth really nervous; she had never dealt with them before as she had only had small collisions with trees, fences and such. She called Jonathan, and her parents to let them know what was going on. The highway patrol was taking a while; she was going to be very late to school.

Before long, Ruth and the short woman began making small talk.

“They really need to put a light there. This road is just too busy. This is my second time having an incident at this intersection.” said the short angry woman in the State Trooper uniform.

“Oh my gosh… This really is a bad intersection. It’s my second incident here too!” Thought Ruth to herself.

She was about to voice this thought, when the obvious dawned on her. This was the same woman I hit last time! And she doesn’t recognize me!

Ruth held her tongue.

Getting recognized probably wouldn’t help her case… Good thing she chose that day to wear a hat!

And thus ends the telling of how Ruth hit the same state trooper twice at the same stop sign. Ruth ended up getting ticketed, and going to court. Her insurance went up a Lot. Sadly, this little event did not result in Ruth becoming a responsible driver. That happens in a different story.


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