How to Play The Best Sport In The World


Beautiful days like this one make me feel super active! They make me want to play outside, to run around, to laugh.

They make me want to play the best sport in the world…

Rediculously Awesome Sock-Hockey of course! (or RASH for short.)

There is only one person I play RASH with (my buddy Autumn), so I am going to wait until we are together once again to play this rediculously awesome game.

You can play it though. Yes, YOU!

That’s why I’m writing this post: to share the best sport ever with the world so that everyone might enjoy it. I live to serve.

What you will need:


-Can of dogfood/catfood/tuna

– A hard wood floor

-Shatterproof windows

-something to use as a hockey stick. I use a dino-head toy, though keep in mind that these easily break (see picture). Autumn uses the more sturdy household broom.


The only time you will ever be sad whilst playing RASH: when your stick breaks.

-*Optional*- face paint and jersey. These things will help you get in the true RASH spirit!!!

How to play:

Well, to be honest it’s pretty common sense…

The socks go on your feet. The can of smelly-something is your puck. You each get a hockey stick.

Set up two goals ( ex. between shoes or expensive peices of pottery).

Face off and fight to the death to get the puck through your goal!

The game ends whenever your can of smelly-something explodes open. It is good strategy to hit the “puck” violently towards walls and furniture whilst you’re ahead.

Once the game is over, the participants clean up the contents of the can together. This forces bonding and the making of amends for any nasty things said during the game. Fun is certainly had by all.

You can play this game with however many people you’d like! I definitely think it should be made into an intermural here at Clemson.

If you decide to play RASH, aka the best sport in the world, tell me how it goes!


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