Me and Bars (the kind you drink at)


I’ve been to a bar twice in my lifetime.

I’m talking places that are strictly bars, not just places that have a bar (yes I’ve been to Chili’s everybody). Also, Hookah bars do not count.

Twice is probably a regular amount for an 18-year-old-with-no-fake-ID like myself.

My first time in a real bar I was 16. This band I really liked (and still do), Sequoyah Prep School, was playing there. My friend Sarah went early to ask the manager if her two minor friends could come to the show. He said yes obviously. I don’t know if he was allowed to do that, but I ain’t complaining!  I’ll leave the name of the bar out of it so he won’t get in any trouble :). In case you were wondering, my parents were cool with me going as long as a stayed out of the “back room”. I’d love to tell you what goes on in the back room, but I don’t know because I never went back there… To be honest I think it’s just a bunch of old guys smoking and playing pool.

My second bar experience was this Thanksgiving. My dad was going to jam at a local bar that night (I think they were calling it the “tootin’ turkey stuffed jam session” or something festive like that). I decided to tag along for moral support, and to get some daddy-daughter bonding time.

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but it’s kind of awkward being in a bar when you’re under drinking age. Especially when you are alone and taking pictures of your dad who is playing some wild tunes on the keys. Maybe I should’ve ordered a drink: “Shirley Temple for me please!”.

I was also unaware that women dress up to go to the bar. They all wore heels; I wore  my stretchy pants and turkey-stuffed tummy…

Tonight will be my third time going to a bar. Yes, I will be with my daddy again. Tonight’s show is for the “Juke Joint Junkies”, and I beleive he will  be playing keys for them.

This time I will:

1. Bring another underage buddy with me. Tonight it will be Vilai, but I’ll have to find someone younger to take his place soon… He’s only got three more months of under drinking age usefulness.

2. Order a drink of some sort. Probably not a Shirley Temple, too sweet for my taste! Diet Coke? yes. It will be good to have something to sip on.

3. Wear Heels. Or maybe just cute flats… Or perhaps every day boots. But I’ll be sure to put on make-up… Well maybe not, but I’ll put on my contacts if nothing else… That’s fancy right?


5 thoughts on “Me and Bars (the kind you drink at)

  1. 18 is the legal drinking age in Australia. What is it where you are? Not fond of bars, don’t mind clubs or beer gardens but just plain bars tend to be a bit depressing in my opinion. Or at least the ones I’ve seen.


      • I was wondering but I hadn’t got around to asking. I think bars in Australia are a little different – they tend to be beer related with little ambiance. Some of the older colonial pubs are cool and the beer gardens with bands etc are great on a Sunday arvo. We have nightclubs that tend to follow themes – preppy elite style – where I tended to gravitate since I was a GPS private school girl, underground clubs for the gothic style (although the music tends to be better there), dance clubs which is mainly for the younger and they tend to have a problem with drugs like ecstasy etc there and I’ve never really understood the lure of drugs but at 19 I did love to dance until all hours of the morning. The sold bottled water so I would have a blast all night.

        When I was in boarding school my friends and I would sneak down the drain pipe to go see the Hoodoo Gurus play at the Uni Refec club before they hit the big time. I like the beer gardens as I don’t really drink but the atmosphere isn’t all hyper with dance music and you can catch some good live local bands that way.

        What I have found funny (although I suppose it isn’t really) is that when I was a teenager they didn’t worry about checking ID etc since drinking isn’t such a big no no here. So we’d go out on a Friday and go clubbing, buy a few drinks but $30 or $40 doesn’t go far after cover charge and we’d dance and go home.

        In the last few years they’ve really cracked down in a big way at clubs so kids being kids always find away. The number of parties on the weekends increased and while $30 might buy say 4 drinks and a cover charge at a club over say 5 hours it is more than enough to buy a whole bottle of bourbon to take to a party. The number of alcohol related rapes, assaults and deaths in youth has increased dramatically.

        Personally I think they should have just left well enough alone. You weren’t getting in if you were obviously very young but from from about 16 onward it used to be easy as.

        Now they are also faced with the fact that at parties drugs are much more rampant than in clubs – there are some issues with dance clubs but in the other not common at all really due to strict security but in a private home it’s become a real problem.

        Police have a terrible time going into dangerous situations with large crowds of youths on private properties and more than once friends of mine in the force say that they really hate the changes the crackdown bought in.


        • I think we have a similar variety!

          We have a few teen dance clubs that don’t serve alcohol, though I can’t say I’ve been to one!

          I think they made the drinking age so high because they don’t want teenagers buying alcohol for their very underage friends, and also because of lots of drunk driving incedents etc.

          But I think the “alcohol is a big no no” concept here, results lots of people not getting educated about it. Lots of alohol poisening issues. Lots of kids drinking in excess and in unsafe environments, similar to what you’re describing.

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