PDT: Public Display of Tiredness


I am a professional napper.

I nap on benches, the floor, bubble wrap, wherever! I nap shamelessly. It does not matter who sees me. A girl’s gotta nap, and people should get that. I don’t think too many people judge when they walk past me taking a little siesta outside in the grass. If they do, well that’s their problem. I wouldn’t know because I am blissfully unaware 🙂

If napping was a sport, I’d be destined for the summer Olympics baby! I wouldn’t mind all the practice…

I used to be a bit more hesitant with my public napping. I’d throw a text book underneath my head, so it looked like I just fell asleep while studying. Nowadays I pick a cozy chair at the front of the library (you know, the ones right by the doors and the gigantic glass windows). I set an alarm on my phone, curl up in a ball, and drop straight off to sleep. I am not embarassed at all.

Okay… I’ll admit that it’s kind of embarassing when I wake up and realize that I slept through my alarm, and that it’s been going off for hours to the annoyance of the whole library. But other than that ocassional occurance, I am not embarassed!

I could probably go to sleep right here in this office chair (it has no arms, I wonder if I’d fall off), but I’d better not. I have lab in twenty minutes.

I think I’m one of those people insomniacs hate…


17 thoughts on “PDT: Public Display of Tiredness

  1. Yep we insomniacs hate people like you with a passion. I’m convinced that those who nap and take more than the regular amount of sleep are actually stealing from the sleep fairy. As a result of this theft others (like me) are left to go without on a regular basis. Not fair ….hmpf!! 🙂


  2. I can totally relate to that. I am a shameless napper, too. I don’t care about temperature, noise or position, I just nap. Did you know there is a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy?


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