Cold. Naked. Wet. No Towel.


I sought a place to clear my head, where the answer could be found

This place took the form of a shower

The hot water to be the catalyst encouraging thought formation

What to write about today?

The reaction occurred slowly with no suitable products

The catalyst instead stimulated thoughts of brownies, and butterflies

Also thoughts of summer. Always thoughts of summer

No answers to the question:

What to write about today?

So I stopped the reaction, with a twist of the knob

The heat stopped, the coldness took over its place

Cold catalyzes reactions such as blanket snuggling and slipper wearing

Warmth must be found, and warmth I intended to seek, although


Where was my towel???

It was not hanging trusty and comforting in its spot

Contemplating what to do, cool water dripping off my body

Getting colder, colder, colder

Nothing to dry off or cover with

Warmth must be sought!

Activation energy reached

Opened the door

Looking both ways before crossing

The way seeming clear, prayed for no onlookers

Dashed to the place of warm blankets, slippers, and towels


Seems that coldness, not warmth, catalyzes the answer to the question:

What to write about today?


2 thoughts on “Cold. Naked. Wet. No Towel.

  1. nifty little diversion to the question of ‘what to write today’. Had one of those day’s yesterday, hence my post ‘Day of the Cabbage’. Hope you found your towel.


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