I Think My Mom Might Be a Hipster…


Ya’ll, I miss my mom.

I haven’t seen her in two months!

Last semester I went home about every other weekend. It was convenient to do so! I had three day weekends, and Vilai’s car wasn’t working so I had to go home to see him. That got me used to a certain level of mommy/daddy time; a level that simply cannot be maintained this semester, what with no more long weekends and with staff meetings and church nursery monthly.

Neither my mommy or myself are big “phone talkers”, so we don’t talk on the phone. Sometime’s I’ll send her an email asking a question: “Hi Mom! I broke my contacts… What’s that website we order them from again?”, “Hi Mom! What’s my passport number?”, “Hi Mom! How’s that leg you got surgery on?”, but my mom and I rely mainly on face to face interactions.

My Dad and I skype message each other pretty often- hence why this post isn’t entitled “Daddy’s Baby Girl”.  They usually go a little something like so:

Dad: Ewwwww

Ruth: Grosssss

Dad: Whazzup bey-bee gurl?

Ruth: Not much Daddy-O! How are ya’ll?

Dad: lotsa wurk. cats are alive.  dont dew anything stewpid in Klempson. u shuld be studying!


I have no such intellectual interaction with my Mommisita! So you can imagine that I am super pumped I get to see her next weekend (and my Daddy, and Vilai, and my cats who are not dead). I will get to eat breakfast with her, talk about food and life and stuff. She’ll probably want to talk about my current financial situation. I’ll want to tell her all the mundane details of my life. Needless to be say, it will be beautiful (or beewtiful as my daddy would put it).

My mom is so great. I’m so grateful for her. I could definitely type a billion more words telling you about my mom, but perhaps I’ll save it for another post. For now just know that she is beautiful, independent, and selfless. If a hipster is someone who does their own thing without regard to the trends or what people think, then my mom is the ultimate hipster. She even acted in a video with me back when I wanted to be a Youtube sensation (click on that link with caution… I’m pretty sure that’s the most embarrassing video of me ever. That’s my Dad singing by the way…). Sigh… My mom is sooo cool.

PicMonkey Collage

The apple does not fall far from the tree

As I said, I will eventually make a post detailing all the ways my mom is awesome. For now enjoy side by side photos of my mother and I with poofy hair!


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