Because I’m a Rockstar


I secretly want to be a rockstar.

Or be on broadway. Or be a coffee shop singer. Or maybe just be one of those people who knows how to play an instrument well and isn’t ashamed to play and sing in public… That’d be cool too.

The common denomonator for all of these roles is people will take pictures of you singing.

Someday, when I’m a rockstar, I want the pictures to look a little something like this:

ImageNot so much like this:


I chose a picture of Beyonce because we can probably all agree that Beyonce is in actuality super hot and talented… Also because Beyonce is very unlikely to read this post and get offended

But so far whenever I’ve done a show with Vilai, the pictures have looked like this:


Where is my expression? Where is the passion, the intensity?

My body language and face say “blah”.

So Katelyn and I decided to fix this. They say practice makes perfect. So practice we did! I sang with feeling, and she captured photos.

Because I don’t know whether I’ll become a rockstar, singer-songwriter, or an opera singer, we decided we’d cover all the bases and practice all three!

I made a gallery of some of our favorite shots! Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Perhaps I should practice a bit more…


5 thoughts on “Because I’m a Rockstar

    • That is a great question!!!

      I like to look for questions to ask instead of usual small talk which gets so old (“how are you?”, “good”, “that’s good”). I hope you won’t mind if I use that one 🙂

      I’ve always wanted to play Roxie in Chicago, but I might just have to settle for doing the singing/dancing acts for my friends haha

      Thank you for reading!!


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