Know What’s Pretty Sweet??… Potatoes!


Get it? Sweet Potatoes!

And they’re sweet on their own too!

For the longest time the only way I, like many other folks, was ever served sweet potatoes was when they were covered in either syrup, brown sugar or marshmellows. So you can imagine my confusedness when my sister placed a baked sweet potato on my plate for the first time. A baked sweet potato, with nothing on it. No butter. No sugar. Just the potato.

It was so good! The potato was so sweet and delicious on its own… This is especially true of baked sweet potatoes because of the way the natural sugars inside carmelize. mmm-mmm-mmm.

So tasty. So full of vitamins. So not necessary to cover in sugar!

Now here I am in my college apartment. I am in charge of buying and making my own food. So what do I buy? Sweet potatoes of course! I ran into a little dilemma though… We have no toaster over… I feel too guilty and self-conscience to heat up the whole oven to bake one sweet potato!!!

So what do I do? I make sweet potato fries! Granted, I still only use one sweet potato.. But for some reason, one sweet potato sliced up and spread across a whole pan seems like a whole lot more than just a plain ol’ patato! I’m sure there’s some sort of science behind that.

I love to spice up my sweet potato fries with garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and red pepper! Yes, I spice my sweet potatoes. I promise I’m not the only one who likes some spicy sweet potatoes.. Just ask all my friends who I’ve made them for 🙂

So how do I do it? Well..

I make about 1/4 inch round slices, and lay them on an olive oiled metal sheet making sure to get some olive oil on both sides of the slices. I add my spices, and stick them in the oven at 380 for 20 minutes. Then I take them out, flip the slices, and spice the other sides. Put them back in the oven for 15 more minutes, and Whallah! (viola?), you have a delicious side to your meal, snack at a party, or if you’re like me you have lunch!

Here are some pictures of me these orange discs of flavor:


The slicing process


The spreading process


The looking at the finished product and thinking to yourself “holy moly these look and smell wonderful” process.
On a side note: do you like my slippers?

You should look a little something like this when you eat them:

But whether you choose to use my little way of sweet potato making, or some other way, I do strongly encourage you eat lots of sweet potatoes and eat them gratefully! They’re sweet, delicious and nutritious! As is thier skin… thought I’d throw that out there too! 🙂

How do you eat your sweet potatoes?


What say you?

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