What Gets You Groovy?


Sometimes I wish I was alive in the 80’s… It seems like it was so funky!

I’m one for wearing bright colors, leg warmers, and leotards… Plus my hair is naturally pretty large!

Converse, high socks, and running shorts? I’m on it!

I’m totally into doing Jane Fonda workout videos on youtube!

80’s music is my groove! (Am I going back to 70’s lingo?). Yep.. The 80’s whip it real good!

And who doesn’t love 80’s movies? Footloose anyone? Plus my mom always called me E.T. as a kid so I feel like I have an intimate connection to the movies of the 80’s. If you are curious why she called me this, I’ll have you know it’s because my ears are very small and lay really flat on my head. When I was a baby my mom would “fluff” my ears in the hopes of making them stick out a little more… Moving on…

I wonder what people will dress up like someday when everyone’s having 2010’s parties… Hipster parties held at coffee shops? Scene kid parties in people’s garages and make everyone mosh? I just don’t know…

While you think of the awesome party themes you plan on having in 10 years time, take a look at some old photos of my friends and I dressed up as 80’s kids! (I am quite in love with my friends if you haven’t noticed already)



Hehe this one’s kinda creepy! And yes… that is glitter on my lips.. Had some left over from a project. Can’t let that stuff go to waste!



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