Pterodactyls and Cheese Whiz Rainbows


Tomorrow is my best friend Autumn’s birthday!!! So, I thought I’d share a special little post in her honor!

I’m going let ya’ll in on something pretty personal. I’m going to show ya’ll what I look at when I’m falling asleep every night, and the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning. This is the sort of thing that defines people. If I woke up to a blank wall every day, I’d probably be a very different sort of person. I’d probably find less joy in life, and walk around with an angry frown on my face. BUT, instead I am happy, unique, and exuberant!! And it is all because this beautiful peice of art hangs on my wall:


Drawn by Autumn (left side), and my cute cute cute nephew Brogan (right side)
Autumn is pretty cute cute cute as well

I don’t know if you can tell, but on the left side of this lovely poster  we have a pterodactyl flying under a rainbow (or should I say “cheesy-macaroni-rainbow”?). There is also a pig-tailed girl having an umbrella sparring match with a narwhal. I like to think that pig-tailed girl is Autumn. I wonder why she doesn’t open up her umbrella to protect herself from the cheesy rain… Maybe she likes it! I also wonder if the cheese is hot melty cheddar, or if it is the type of cheese you get with nachos at a football game… And I also wonder if this is a friendly spar, or if the narwhal has done something mean.. I feel like it must be a friendly one because I’m pretty sure all narwhals are extremely nice and kindhearted.

The right side is obviously a T-rex doing a pencil dive into a vat of fruitloops, narrowly avoiding landing on top of a whale. My nephew draws with such detail!

I was kinda kidding earlier when I said that this picture transforms me into a unique and exuberant person, but it certainly does bring a smile to my face. How can I not smile when I’m reminded of my bestie Autumn skipping around my kitchen flapping her wings and making pterodactyl screeches for my B-man?

Happy Birthday Autumn!!!

I’d be really curious to know what other people have hanging on their walls or what they see when they wake up in the morning!


What say you?

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