The Jet Ski Adventure


Ruthie has not had many crazy adventures. She tends to get excited by small things such as going out to eat with her friends, making a new recipe, or going for a swim. The following is a telling of one of the most exciting and heart-pounding adventures Ruthie has ever been on.

Once upon a time, Ruthie and a group of friends went to Georgia to visit their buddy Cole. Everyone had a great time hanging out at Cole’s house and checking out the Coke museum in downtown Atlanta! This was especially fun because Cole, who had hurt himself playing ultimate Frisbee the day before, was in a wheelchair and got to cut everyone in line!

But I digress… The adventure did not occur in downtown Atlanta. It occurred the following day on the lake.

You see, Cole is a youth pastor and his youth group was having a party on the lake that afternoon. There were snacks, a dock with a high dive, a water trampoline, a boat, and two jet skis. It should be noted that it was a pretty rainy day. It should also be noted that one of the friends who was there was Abbie. Neither Ruth nor Abbie are known for their directional skills, and both are known for being slightly clueless at times and getting into trouble. So, naturally the two of them ended up going out on a jet ski together.

“Make sure you don’t flip”

“Be careful, and don’t flip!”

“Alright guys, don’t flip okay?” said everyone present at the function. Where’s your faith people?

Okay… We are not going to flip! We’ll be very careful not to flip this thing. Thought the girls as they rode off, Abbie driving and Ruthie behind. (Do you like my use of foreshadowing?)

They started off slow. It was Abbie’s first time driving a jet ski.

Before long, they were out in the open and getting faster and faster. It was exhilarating! The sun was peeping through the clouds and shining on the girl’s smiling faces. They were very responsible though and didn’t take any sharp turns. Don’t flip.

They circled round and round the lake getting faster and faster. Small island of land, big fancy house, dock with the confederate flag. Small island of land, big fancy house, dock with the confederate flag.

Soon Ruthie couldn’t see the big fancy house anymore though. Eh, oh well.. Abs knows what she’s doing. She thought to herself.

A few minutes later Abbie asked a very scary question: “Hey Ruth, do you know where we are?”

…”well… no, not exactly”

“oh well, we’ll figure it out”, they decided and preceded to ski around the lake. So fun, so exhilarating!

But then something happened that started the end of the fun… The jet ski started beeping obnoxiously. The gas was on empty. The girls decided it was now time to figure out how to get back.

But they were really lost…

Beep, beep, beep!

Nothing looked familiar…

Beep, beep, beep!

They rode towards any dock that looked familiar, only to find it was the wrong one.

Beep, beep, beep!

It started to rain.

Ruth noticed a water tower in the distance that didn’t used to be there… and a dam… and a water park.

Beep, beep, beep!

“Hey Ab’s, I think we need to ask someone for help” said Ruth.

“Let’s just check a couple more docks” said Abbie.

They did… but to no avail.

“You know, I think we are in the wrong area…”

Now neither Ruth nor Abbie really likes to ask for help or directions. They’re both independent women who like to get things done for themselves. There comes a time though when everyone needs to lay down their pride and ask for help, and this was their time.

They targeted what looked like a nice family to be their rescuers. The rain had stopped and they were about to go skiing. Sadly for them, they didn’t get to go skiing that day, but they did get to help a couple of very dejected girls! There were three teenage boys on that boat. I think that helped Abbie and Ruth with their cause.

Turns out that Abbie and Ruthie were in a county over an hour away from their dock. It also turns out that due to owning phones that store numbers for them, they didn’t know anyone’s number back at the dock. The only number Ruth knew was her father’s. (If there is a moral to this story, it is memorize some phone numbers! And also keep track of where you are when you boat or jet ski… and make sure you have gas)

Long story short (more like extremely long story down to just long), Ruthie called her dad who called Chaela who called Cole which did no good. So Ruthie recalled her dad who gave her Chaela’s number who gave her Cole’s number, who talked to the driver of the boat, which was very helpful.

The boat driver gave the girls some gas (very generous of him), and the girls followed him to a “halfway” point where they met Cole’s youth group boat which they followed back to the dock. There they faced much harassment and humiliation and shaming. Everyone had been very worried about them.

But you know what? It was a fun adventure, and a bonding, learning experience! It would have been perfect if it weren’t for the fact that they caused everyone worry, wasted a family’s time, used up a stranger’s gas, and caused everyone to go home way later than intended!

But hey, at least they didn’t flip!


What say you?

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