A Sticky Situation


Chaela, Abbie and Ruth were on a mission. Their mission: get revenge for a friend. Their plan: prank the offender’s car on a Friday afternoon while he was still at school (Chaela, Abbie and Ruth had half days on Fridays in high school. Katelyn did as well, but she does not participate in “stupid” activities such as pranking cars). Their weapons of choice: sticky notes, and a dozen very stale donuts. They were disguised with sunglasses over their eyes and bandanas around their heads.

Chaela parked her car in the private school lot, very near the offender’s vehicle. The time was lunch time. The girls jumped out of the car and quickly began pressing the sticky notes to the vehicle. Chaela began stacking the donuts on the antenna. It was a very windy day, so windy that the sticky notes were not sticking very well. Before long there were sticky notes blowing all over the parking lot. The girls began reinforcing the notes with tape, but not before there were numerous pastel papers flying about.

Now although the girls were being very sneaky and quick about their mission, it seemed as if people at the school had noticed their presence. Teachers who had gone out to eat were arriving back at the school, staring at the pranking production as they walked back into the building. It was not long until the school office was informed and began taking action.

First, the school’s coach approached to see what was going on. The girls explained about their pranking plan. He thought it was pretty funny, but he explained that the sticky notes in the parking lot that were blowing into the neighboring lots were problematic. The girls then explained that they were now taping down the sticky notes so they wouldn’t get blown off anymore. They were told to continue what they were doing.

Evidently, it was not okay for the girls to continue what they were doing because soon after, the school principle and the head office lady approached the girls to tell them they needed to take all the sticky notes off the car and leave. You see, the girls were on private property, and technically the school could call the police. Thankfully, they did not want to do that to such cute and innocent girls.

Chaela, Abbie, and Ruth reluctantly began removing all the sticky notes and stuffing them in plastic grocery bags. It was certainly turning out to be an embarrassing day.

The senior class arrived back from a field trip just in time to see Ruth chasing sticky notes around the parking lot. Whenever she bent over to pick up a sticky note, three more fell out of her grocery bag and flew away with the wind.

The office thought it would be funny to bring the owner of the vehicle (the offender) to come see the car. He seemed to get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the girls and their failed attempt to prank his now sticky-note-free car. In fact, he seemed to find it quite humorous. Sadly, the girl’s sunglasses and bandanas did not disguise them quite enough to make them unrecognizable…


Four months later Ruth was attending an interview for attendance at this same private school (ironic right?). Before she left, the principal decided to come and introduce himself. “You look really familiar to me for some reason” said mr. principal. “Have you come to any of our basketball games? I just can’t seem to place you..” “Errr… yeah.. that must be it” Replied Ruth.


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