Hazardous Weather Conditions


It was snowing in Clemson. South Carolina. A light dusting of white powder covered the ground (except for the sidewalks and asphalt of course). School was shut down for the rest of the day. Everyone was very excited. All Facebook spoke of was snow, blizzards, and stockpiling on bread and milk.

Katelyn, Jennifer, Katie, and Ruth sat in the living room. They concluded that it was too cold to play outside, and there wasn’t enough snow to do anything anyways. Ruth was very satisfied with this conclusion, seeing as she hates the cold and snow is wet. She decided she’d prefer to sit inside, drink some white tea, and look at the snow through the window from the warm comfy couch.

A few minutes later when Katelyn and Ruth were alone, Katelyn approached Ruth with a confession. “Ruth, I want to go outside.”… “Do you want to come with me?”. Ruth did not want to come with her. But Ruth knew that she should. Sometimes when you do something you don’t particularly want to do, you end up having fun anyways. “Okay, let me finish this tea and put on my rain boots. I promise I’ll pretend to be excited when we get out there.”

And pretend she did. The girls ran down the apartment stairs out into the flurry. They ran in the snow with their tongues sticking out. They spun around in circles with their arms flailing, giggling wildly. “Yay! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!!” “WEEEE”. Verysoon, the pretend fun became real fun. They ran around the apartment complex freely, Ruth in her sweats and rain boots, Katelyn in her snowflake pajama bottoms and slippers. To conclude their snow adventure, they each made a snowball from the snow on top of Katelyn’s car, and threw it at each other (they were scared an alarm would go off if they used snow from someone else’s car. What weenies.).

“There’s nothing like coming inside with snow on your clothes.” said Katelyn as they walked back into the apartment. “Yeah.. Except maybe, you know, coming inside after a light rain.” replied Ruth.



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