The Pomello: a Review


This post is a story, and a review all in one. But before I get into my story review, I must disclose some information about myself: I am a nutrition major who buys her groceries at Wal-Mart. Economically friendly yo!

This Thursday Katelyn and I made a little Wal-Mart trip. Vilai was coming up for the weekend and I wanted to be able to feed the man properly! Plus I was out of my morning bananas and salad greens, and we all know I can’t have that. I think it may have been the shortest grocery trip we’ve ever had (we usually get groceries together, that way we get our daily socializing and errands done all in one. Two birds, one stone). Katelyn didn’t have anything to buy that day, and not to throw her under any sort of bus, but I’m a bit quicker of a shopper than she is… I don’t know why I find it necessary to say all these things to you. It is the Pomello that matters, not all of this excess detail. The Pomello was my two dollar Wal-Mart splurge that day. I just couldn’t resist.

What is a Pomello, you may ask? Well my dear friend, a Pomello is a fruit of sorts. I beleive it’s classified as a citrus fruit, though you may not want to take my word on this.. I have to admit that I have done no research on Pomellos other than my own direct observation.

A Pomello looks like a giant grapefruit. GIANT! The size of a large baby’s noggin. Here I give you comparative picture of Pomello vs. Grapefruit taken by yours truly on Vilai’s camera:


Pomello and Grapefruit respectively. (Do you like how I chose to put the yellowy/orange fruits in front of the blue wall so that they “pop” just right? Just call me Ruthie the fruit photographer.)

I was so excited to be the owner of this exotic fruit. Anyone who wandered into the apartment for the next couple days was subject to my Pomello “Show and Tell”… People are so nice about pretending to be interested in things.

Now Vilai-dearest made fun of me for spending 2 bucks on the Pomello, and I’ll admit it was a splurge.. But can I say that that puny grapefruit costs 88 cents? The Pomello is easy 3x as big as that grapefruit. So good deal right?… Not exactly… The Pomello’s skin is so thick (~1/4 inch) that by the time you peel the thing it is not much bigger than the grapefruit at all. So I guess he was right.. can’t win ’em all I suppose 🙂

Fun Fact: The rind smells oddly of Jasmines. This isn’t just some “only in Ruthie’s head” thing. Vilai and Katelyn agreed.

What did it taste like? Not like a grapefruit, to my surprise. Much less bold of a flavor, not sweet as an orange or bitter/sour like a grapefruit… It was a nice sort of lightly sweet taste. It wasn’t nearly as juicy as those other citri either,  pretty solid stuff. Texture and taste almost reminded me of a grape. The coloring was a very light pink. I think Vilai  kind of fell in love with it, and Katelyn likes it a lot too. She ranks it just barely above an orange. Ironically, I prefer grapefruit.

I hope to keep buying an interesting produce every time I grocery shop. It’s pretty exciting for me. Gotta live a little (says the girl sitting in the student center wearing her fuzzy, monkey pajama shorts.)Image

Peace. Love. and Pomellos.


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