Early Riser


It has happened. I am now what could be considered a “morning person”. I am one of those people that annoys you so badly as you’re just starting your day, because I won’t shut up my loud excited bubbly mouth. My quick-strung-together-no-time-for-breath words are highpitched and confusing at that time of day. But I can’t help it, the day has begun and I’m excited to live it!

Perhaps the reason I’m so bright-eyed so early in the morning is because I take the time to eat a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal every day. Maybe it’s because I typically walk to school in the brisk cold while the stars are still out. There’s a possibility that giving myself the same bed time as your typical 8-year old has helped with the alertness also…

With 8 o’clock Monday/Wednesday/Fridays and 7:15 Tuesday/Thursdays, morning personness is simply a requirement for me this semester. That is unless I want to be sad, tired, and grumpy all the time.

This morning personness comes at a price though… My poor friends and boyfriend have likely noticed. Keep me out past 10 and I am a zombie. I will be looking at you with blank eyes, and a drooping chin. I won’t lift my feet off the ground when I walk, rather I’ll scoot them back and forth like I’m iceskating. Who has the energy to lift their feet off the ground at 11 pm anyways? It’s not that I don’t like you, I promise! I’m sure I love to spend time with you.. Sorry if you when you try and have late night deep discussions with me all you get is “wow man.. Idunnoo..heh heh heh..”. You may have to try again over an afternoon cup of coffee…

Don’t you go feeling like a butt if you text me at 10:30 and my reply is “so.. I’m in bed can we talk tomorrow”, and I’ll try not to feel like a butt when I give you a big grin at 9am and you look at me like you want to cry.. deal?

It’s so fun how everyone has their different quirks, and schedules etc…


What say you?

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