May I Pray For You?


Prayer… I am sitting at my kitchen table, watching Ugly Betty with Katie, Brandon, and Jennifer, and thinking about prayer. Isn’t it so amazing that we have the privelege to commune with God?! That we can tell Him how awesome he is, intercede for one another, present our requests, and confess.. That God himself responds! I feel like I do not fully grasp how huge, how wonderful, how amazing it is that I can talk to the God of the universe. I want to take advantage of this privelege more and more. I want to grow closer to the Lord through fellowship, to delight in Him. I want Him to transform my desires to be like His desires.

Lately I’ve been focusing on praying for other’s more, and it has been such a blessing! It really makes you care for others more. It really helps me to think about specific people, and what they’re going through. It makes me a better listener, rememberer, and friend. Sometimes it’s hard to get started with praying for folks, but when I start, I find myself praying forever for loads of folks. Praying for one person makes you think of another to pray for. I find myself wondering about and praying for people I haven’t thought about in ages. Intercession is a way of stepping outside yourself, of putting others before yourself. Through prayer, relationships can become a lot more intentional, and a lot more personal. Many times I have found myself praying along the lines of this:

Oh Lord, thank you so much for Katelyn. She is such a wonderful and beautiful creation of yours. Help me to love her more. Please be with her as she goes through… well what is she going through? What’s she doing nowadays anyways? huh… Well, please fill her with your love and bless her with wisdom in whatever it is she’s doing.

Through trying to pray for my friends, I realize I have absolutely no clue what they are up to, and what they need prayer for. My desire to know what’s going on in people’s lives increases with the ammount I pray for them. When I see people, I actually think to ask how they are doing and about specific aspects of their lives. It’s amazing how much people will open up to you if you simply ask if there’s anything you can pray about for them! (Being humble, and talking about areas in which you struggle and need prayer is a large part of this too! So not only do you get to know your friend better and pray for them, but you may also have someone to pray for you as well! Well that’s a pretty neat system!). I have also found myself contacting and catching up with people that I wouldn’t normally have thought to contact. It is so easy to revert to the sinful nature, and be very self-centered.

My friend Hosanna is such a beautiful example of what the life filled with prayer looks like. She always remembers what’s going on in my life, and knows just the right questions to ask. Hosanna really knows how to make people feel special. It is very rare these days to find someone who actually listens to what others have to say, instead of spending all their energy thinking of their own response. (I am so, so guilty of this). She is humble, and loving, and non-judging and it is so easy to just pour your heart out to her. I was talking to her roommate, Emily, about this the other day, and Emily told me about how Hosanna spends a lot of time in prayer for other people. That got me thinking that I wanted to be very intentional about my prayers for others as well! Maybe you can too! I’m sure you will be blessed by it :))

Also.. Brandon wanted me to add the following to this blog post:

I love Brandon Stem. He is the coolest person I know. If I could be like anyone in the world, it would be him.

(What Brandon did not consider, was that now when anyone googles his name, this is what they will see. To Brandon’s future employers: Brandon is a top-notch guy, and you should hire him. Please do not judge him by his association with this blog.)


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